THE CHALLENGE Postnord had done everything in their power to optimise their existing systems. But there still lacked a reliable communication channel to reach customers.

Smartcom Labs offered our customer engagement & integration to optimise their last mile logistics process.

- Improved Customer Service
- Customer and logistics data analysis to optimise future operations
- Prevents missed deliveries by offering customers schedule times through SMS
January 2016
Postnord, Smartcom Labs
The Nordic logistics company Postnord utilised our customer engagement solution to eliminate their last mile bottlenecks. This resulted in a whole new way of realising an intuitive customer experience.

The Postnord case is similar to that of Posti where their last mile delivery process was still suffering from lack of customer focused data and engagement. There was no way to re-negotiate expensive deliveries with customers or offer more dynamic options. This led to costly inefficiencies.

Smartcom Labs' customer dialogue was used create a dynamic offering of potential delivery options to customers. These options were then offered to optimal customers through their mobile device in order to give the consumer more immediate control over their deliveries. This allowed Postnord to create an easy "click conversation" with their customers to make sure the delivery is successful on the first attempt.

Our customer engagement solution gartered a 90% customer response rate to optimized delivery offers. This reduced failed delivery attempts or re-attempts and increased customer satisfaction. We also observed a decrease in time spent executing last mile deliveries by 40%, saving Postnord crucial time and money in their last mile service.
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