DHL already must work with other logistics providers in order to effectively manage supply chains that merge with their partners operations

Smartcom Labs consulted with DHL and partner Nokia in order to create a custom data flow dashboard for warehouse operations and communication

SMS outreach for efficiency alerts and updates
- Data analysis to optimise future  schedules & processes
- Data dashboard to give warehouse managers a birds eye view of operations
June 2019
DHL, Nokia, Smartcom Labs
DHL deployed Smartcom Labs' data integration platform for delivery scheduling, helping their customers to get their parcels faster. This helped DHL to remove extra trips and execute deliveries more efficiently.

The Challenge
DHL needed an integration system when working with other partners in order to execute deliveries and still manage an efficient supply chain. Although DHL owns many warehouses they rent warehouses out to partners for large projects that they create custom supply chains for.

The Solution
We built DHL and warehousing partner Nokia a data integration system that communicated data between warehouses and logistics partners to eliminate any dark data or choke points eating up valuable time. This involved creating a warehouse dashboard to see the flow of packages in and out as well as manage efficiency within warehouse operations. The system also sends alerts to warehouse managers if there is a choke point or drop in efficiency somewhere in the supply chain process.

The Outcome
Utilizing our software DHL now runs a warehouse in partnership with Nokia in Dallas to enable fast and efficient logistics to Nokia telecom infrastructure build sites.
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