Busy travelers often are too rushed to take advantage of Finnair upgrades available to them.

Finnair decided to proactively push seat upgrade options to the customer's mobile phone using Bookit's platform.

SMS outreach for mobile boarding passes
- Predictive analytics to optimise future offers and seat upgrades

Finnair, Smartcom Labs
Finnair deployed Smartcom Labs' iSMS mobile checkin process, eliminating queues at the airport. Building on this success Finnair then decided to offer seat upgrades by SMS as well, resulting in significantly increased revenue.

Prior to contacting bookit Finnair already had a mobile checkin solution but not enough people were using it. By making the process proactive and seamless mobile checkin sky rocketed.

The customer recieves an offer to upgrade to business class using loyalty points, and replies with a single letter to accept the offer.  Bookit mediates the dialogue between the customer and Finnair's back-end systems so that the process is seamless for both Finnair as well as the customer.  The day of the flight, the customer receives the boarding pass directly to their phone and can skip check-in queus at the airport.

Finnair benefits by increasing sales of business class seats as well as from newly available seats opened up in coach.
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