Expensive re-delivery attempts caused by customers not knowing when to be home to sign for a package. Posti also had no way of gauging customer satisfaction or interacting with customers.

Smartcom Labs developed the Posti Flex service to allow the creation of dialogue between business and consumer.

Our dynamic delivery scheduling dialogue resulted in a 90% response rate to delivery offers.

- Posti also used our software to gain a 30% increase in responses to customer surveys.
January 2016
Posti Finland, Smartcom Labs
The Posti Flex service, powered by Smartcom Labs, allows parcel recipients to control the time and location of delivery.

The Challenge
Prior to the use of intelligent, interactive messaging from Bookit, the Posti Flex service required personnel to individually call each parcel recipient to agree to a delivery time.  The service suffered from unanswered calls that resulted in added expense, paperwork, and failed deliveries. The use of our service has resulted in far fewer failed deliveries and high customer satisfaction.

The Solution
Click and Easy created a system using business to consumer SMS dialogues in order to offer optimized and personalized delivery options to end consumers based off individualized data algorithms and triggers. Posti could now offer different delivery options after the initial order such as, leaving the package at a safeplace/locker, redirecting the package or scheduling a different delivery time. This ensures that Posti reaches out to the right consumers at the right time to make sure the parcel is delivery is sent to right location successfully with the first delivery attempt.

The Outcome
Posti, the leading Finnish parcel delivery company, uses Click and Easy technology to gather customer experience data in real-time at its 1,300 pick-up locations. Using our digital CX platform, Posti gained a view of its service level status throughout the entire country and down to the status of a single parcel for a single customer. The solution has turned the customers' mobile phones into remote control devices to manage all services related to parcel deliveries. For Posti, the solution has enabled a great customer experience, real-time responses to feedback, and a very efficient last mile.
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