Saudi Gazette: Angry Birds captivates ringtone fans (BookIT)

Rovio offered new Angry Birds team song using BookIT’s one button payment (iSMS).

Jukka Salonen, CEO of BookIT, said, Angry Birds fans seize the ringtone offer with so many downloads in the first 10 minutes of the campaign that it was the digital equivalent of selling a gold record. "We were really surprised by the feedback from our happy customers, and how fast they were in responding to the offer. It really attests to the broad appeal of the game as well as the song. This was an excellent example of how targeted marketing messages providing right offer at the right time can achieve outstanding customer satisfaction".

To officially commemorate the Angry Birds’ new status as rock stars, BookIT CEO Jukka Salonen has awarded Rovio a gold record. BookIT specialized in technologies

and services that enable interactive and easy-to-use enterprise messaging applications.

BookIT’s unique iSMS text messaging platform enables transaction-based services with interactive dialogues between mobile users and business systems and seamless integration with other communication channels.

BookIT’s goal, together with its partners, is to shape the future of mobile business transaction market by continuously developing intelligent technologies, services and applications. – SG

June 25, 2012