Pekka Pere Selected as CEO of Bookit Oy

Pekka Pere, CEO and Chairman of Bookit Finland, has been promoted to CEO of it's parent Bookit Oy.  Mr. Pere's demonstrated business prowess and fiscal discipline have been critical towards setting Bookit Finland on a path to weather the global Covid-19 pandemic.  Pere was the obvious choice to guide the parent company back towards growth as the global economy enters a post-pandemic economic rebound.

Mr. Pere was seen as a natural fit for the CEO role given his deep knowledge of the Company's business as a first-round investor, long-time active advisor, and chairman of the Board. Pere brings to the position a tremendous track record of growing technology-based companies, including Proha Plc, Artemis International Solutions Corporation, Eficor Plc, and KPMG Business Consulting. Strategically, Pere has focused on a deep understanding of technology markets and strong business execution, also a natural fit to lead Bookit in the next phase of company growth.  

May 8, 2020