Nashville Transit Authority selected Bookit to deliver mobile payments and automated customer care to new smart transit platform

Nashville Transit Authority has today chosen Bookit, partnered with Demand Trans and other vendors, to deliver a new smart transit platform to Nashville metropolitan area and its population of 1.8 million people.

Bookit technology will be used in Nashville for automated mobile payments as well as multi-channel real-time customer feedback, featuring the in-house developed Bookit Engagement Platform already used by companies such as Finnair.

”Nashville is looking to modernize its transit system and build it on a truly modern, smart platform. This will be a very important milestone for smart transit systems all over the world and the eyes of the industry will surely be watching this case closely”, Bookit founder Jukka Salonen explains.

The project will start in June 2017. In addition to Bookit, two other Finnish technologies were selected in the partnership: Strafica Brutus mobility modeling and Tuup MaaS app.

For more information:

Kimmo Kalke, Head of Offering, Bookit
+358 40 523 1111 (Finland)

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May 5, 2017