Logistics Guru Peter Klenberg is the new CEO of Bookit Finland

Bookit Finland is aiming towards rapid growth and internationalization with the lead of their new chief executive.

Peter Klenberg is the new chief executive of Bookit Finland. Klenberg has had a long-term career within retail and logistics industries. For the past 10 years he worked as the business development director and member of the management team of Tuko Logistics, which is one of the largest logistics companies in Finland.

Klenberg also has long-term experience as a professional board member and he has been part of Bookits board of directors since 2014. He still continues his work as a borad memember for, for example, the Dutch company Smart Mile Solutions B.V.

Bookit’s previous CEO Jouko Järvinen will retire from his current position, but will remain in the company’s service working among various projects.

Known for their development of effortless customer experiences Bookit has invested strongly this year in company growth and internationalization. In the beginning of the year they opened offices in Dallas and Stockholm. There are also several ongoing pilots and service deployment projects in continental Europe.

“This is an extremely interesting time to join Bookit. Online retail is experiencing constant growth, which translates into changes in the logistics services as well. Merely delivering parcels is not enough but the customer experience is becoming even more important. A negative experience with a package delivery usually results into zero orders for a period,” Klenberg explains.

Bookit’s technology solves the most common issues in the logistics industry such as optimization of delivery times. In his new position Klenberg has the opportunity utilize his strong connections with companies and operators in the industry.

“Particularly in the international markets logistics companies are investing in customer experience development and we have the resources to assist them. I’m excited to be able to utilize my vast experience in retail, logistics and IT and expand Bookits operations even further”, Klenberg concludes.

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About Bookit

Bookit was founded in 1999 by Jukka Salonen in Finland to create new mobile relationships between companies and the growing world of the connected customer. BookIT implements a wide variety of custom mobile messaging and transaction solutions to drive profitability and cost savings for enterprise customers. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Bookit also has an office in Dallas, USA.

August 22, 2017