Helen Electricity Network Ltd ensures electricity distribution with Bookit continuity management solution

The Helsinki region electricity distribution company Helen Electricity Network Ltd. has recently adopted the Control Room solution. The Control Room solution will increase the effectiveness of maintenance and maintenance related communications.

The Control Room solution will enable messages to go directly and reliably to the appropriate people during failures in power distribution or other service outages. Previously, the command center needed to contact these people separately, taking away time and resource from actual repair process.

“In the Helsinki region alone, we experience about 35 unpredictable major service outages or breaks a year in electricity distribution networks. It is extremely important for us to be able to start maintenance work as soon as possible, at all hours. The Bookit Control Room solution provides a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for this“ Ari Sipiläinen the Head of Network Operational Planning at Helen Electricity Network Ltd explains.

Continuity management is a growing theme among companies threatened by interruptions caused by uncontrollable external causes, such as Helen Network Ltd, increasing demand for control room solutions. Continuity management is based on the idea that operations during normal circumstances are robust enough to continue to function normally even in trouble situations.

“In Finland and other areas of the world continuity management solutions are receiving immence interest. We are honored to be able to pilot the Control Room solution particularly with Helen Electricity Network, a progressive and liable operator in its industry,” says Jouko Järvinen, Development Director at Bookit.

Helen Electricity Network Ltd. starts to use the Control Room solution during October 2017.

Bookit is a mobile technology company founded in 1999, which provides multichannel solutions for customer communications and improvement of the customer experience. Bookit technology holds over 120 international patents. Bookit operates in Helsinki, Stockholm and the state of Dallas, United States.

October 13, 2017