DNA, Nets & Bookit introduce Easy Mobile Top-up

DNA has introduced a new service called DNA Helppo Lataus, which translates in English to “DNA-Easy Top-up”. The service, which was created in collaboration with the mobile service provider BookIT and payment processor Nets (former Luottokunta), allows DNA prepaid subscribers to top-up their voice and data subscriptions from their mobile phone in just seconds. The service can be done anytime or anywhere and eliminates entirely the need for the customer to visit an ATM, storefront, or website.

The initial activation of the service is performed over the Internet, after which the user can top-up their balance from their phone. When the DNA prepaid subscriber has a low balance, the DNA Helppo Lataus service automatically sends an alert message with reload amounts indicated by multiple-choice reply options. The customer simply replies to that text message with one letter, and the corresponding value in Euros is charged to the credit card registered to the account. The balance to the prepaid account is reloaded instantly. The service is independent of the terminal device and needs only the SMS-service enabled to use the top-up service from Finland or abroad.

As Easy as ABC - or SMS

“We aim to make the everyday lives of our prepaid customers easier by introducing new types of top-up services to the market. DNA Helppo Lataus is a unique service model that revolutionises the conventional method of reloading credit. This customer-friendly and easy-to-use service also enhances the safety of using prepaid subscriptions by allowing top-ups anywhere, anytime. Making phone use easy and safe for customers is highly important to DNA. Already in the past, we have introduced a feature to prepaid subscriptions that allows customers to make calls to specific pre-selected numbers even though there is no airtime left, and the new top-up service expands this safety option,” says Cedric Kamtsan, Business Director at DNA.

“This service is also particularly useful for families with children, because the top-up notifications can be directed to a parent’s number. A child’s airtime will not run out unexpectedly, because the system will send a notification SMS when the balance drops below the specified limit to the pre-selected number, and the parent will be able to add credit immediately,” explains Kamtsan.

A Safe and Secure Finnish Solution

The approval and payment of top-ups is safe, because they are charged to the customer’s debit or credit card via the eMobile service jointly developed by Nets Oy and the Finnish company BookIT Ltd. The service is based on the iSMS® mobile transaction technology, developed by inventor Jukka Salonen.

There is a great deal of security built-into the service that is not visible to the end-user. Behind the scenes, BookIT and Nets handle the transaction processing between the customer and DNA. BookIT authentication methods ensure that only the registered device can be used to authorize top-up payments. Moreover, the entire payment process from beginning to end occurs without transmitting any sensitive account details.

"We are extremely happy to be able to deepen our cooperation with DNA with our new prepaid top up service", says Jussi Teeriaho, Vice President at BookIT Ltd. "We have developed together with Nets the world's easiest mobile payment solution, andDNA Helppo Lataus is an utterly excellent application for it, because the customer can add credit to their voice or data subscription

balance with their mobile phone anytime, anywhere. Topping up credit is handy and safe, because the customer can be authenticated with the iSMS® electronic fingerprint,” Jussi Teeriaho says.

"There is a strong international demand for BookIT’s mobile services now that various flight check-in services, ticket purchases, mobile payments, top-up and subscriptions can be made easily and safely with any mobile phone and from anywhere in the world. The iSMS® has dozens granted patents internationally, which is significant because the international demand has exceeded all expectations," Jussi Teeriaho says.

Users of the DNA Helppo Lataus service can have their prepaid top-ups charged to their Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card. “These types of services are a fine example of combining individual, existing services into new service packages that are easy to use for the customers,” says Risto Hassinen, responsible for e-commerce solutions at Nets.

DNA Helppo Lataus is available at www.dna.fi/helppolataus.

For further information, please contact:

Cedric Kamtsan, Business Director, DNA Ltd, tel. +358 44 906 2377, cedric.kamtsan@dna.fi

Jukka Salonen, President, BookIT Ltd., tel. +358 9 4289 1098, jukka.salonen@bookit.net

Jussi Teeriaho, Vice President, BookIT Ltd., tel. +358 46 6000 900, jussi.teeriaho@bookit.net

Risto Hassinen, Nets Oy, tel. +358 50 357 2943, risto.hassinen@nets.eu

DNA Corporate Communications: Riitta Luhtala, Communications Manager, DNA Ltd, tel. +358 44 044 1040, riitta.luhtala@dna.fi

DNA Ltd is a Finnish telecommunications company providing high-quality, state-of-the-art voice, data, and TV services to private customers and corporations. DNA’s 3G network reaches five million Finns and is constantly expanding, and the 4G networks are reaching new cities and urban areas all the time. In 2011, DNA recorded a turnover of EUR 728 million and an operating profit of EUR 51 million. DNA Ltd has more than 3 million mobile communications and fixed network customers. DNA and WELHO are registered trademarks of DNA Ltd. For more information, please visit www.dna.fi.

BookIT Ltd., a Finnish company founded in 1999, has developed several solutions that improve the ease use of mobile communications technology. BookIT iSMS® text messaging solutions allow any business to reach customers the right offer at the right time. The company’s innovation is protected by dozens of international (PCT) patents. Many international technology enterprises have obtained a licence to use BookIT’s technology. The most popular mobile service in Finland is BookIT’s iSMS®, which is used for confirming more than two million loyal customer offers, appointments, payment transactions, public transport tickets, parcel deliveries, and other work orders each month. www.bookit.net

Nets and Luottokunta are now one company, and Luottokunta Oy has changed its name to Nets Ltd. Nets is a leading northern European company in payment solutions, information services and digital security solutions. Nets has 2,700 employees in five countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia) and the aggregate net sales of the new Group pro forma 2011 amounted to EUR 850 million. Nets Group is domiciled in Copenhagen, Denmark

February 1, 2013