Bookit Oy is Now Smartcom Labs

Bookit Oy is now Smartcom Labs Oy, (Smartcom Labs Ab in Swedish; Smartcom Labs, Ltd. in English and Smartcom Labs, Inc. in English).

The innovative messaging solutions for which our company is known have outgrown their humble origins. The interactive messaging solutions with baked in session handling, authentication and transactional capabilities were originally built for customers whose primary interest was streamlining various booking processes – Finnair check-in, rail travel tickets, car sharing programs in Helsinki, seasonal tire change bookings, health services bookings, and so forth. But even early on, the home-grown technological innovations we developed in-house proved useful in serving a far broader set of use cases and industries for all manner of messaging solutions. From Helsinki Fire and Rescue and emergency alerting solutions, to mobile marketing, to fraud alerting solutions at payment processors such as Luottokunta (now Nets), mobile payment solutions like DNA pre-paid top-up, to internal business communications solutions and network monitoring. With each new solution, new challenges have been overcome. Our platform has grown in sophistication and our patent portfolio have proven foundational for CPaaS and other closely associated industries. The new company name Smartcom Labs reflects a decade of innovation in advanced messaging solutions as well as our continued commitment towards R&D, innovation, and a messaging-centric, customer-engagement centric, future.

April 19, 2021