AinaCom, Bookit and Luottokunta launch the world's easiest method for prepaid top-up payments in Finland

GoMobile prepaid mobile subscribers can now download more talktime by replying to a text message. The customer never needs to go to the Internet, ATM or any other recharge service dealer. The customer simply replies to an automatically triggered text message from BookIT when his remaining talk-time credit is less than 5 €.

When the customer wants to download credit, he simply replies with one letter corresponding to that choice. For example, he may reply with the letter choice A to purchase 10 € credit, or B for 20 € credit. The subscription will be charged immediately from the customer’s debit-, credit or Visa Electron card.

This method is the first of its kind in the world. Globally, the majority of mobile phone subscriptions are prepaid cards where the talk-time is paid in advance. In Europe, prepaid subscription share varies between 40% to as much as 90% depending on the country. In Finland, the share of prepaid accounts is only about 10%, but gaining popularity rapidly. This reflects the fact that prepaid subscriptions are cheaper than post-paid subscriptions, even though functionality is similar.

Payment by credit card or debit card takes place with Luottokunta´s and BookIT`s co-developed eMobile-service, which is based on BookIT’s patented iSMS® technology and Luotokunta’s secure payment processing capabilities. ”We see major opportunity to offer this service internationally in a manner that is compatible with any type of prepaid account. Rechargeable prepaid cards have a number of applications including public transportation passes, payment and gift cards, talk time, and data subscriptions” according to Sanna Paaso, Mobile Marketing Director from BookIT Finland Oy.  

"Recharging talk-time to GoMobile is easy and secure to carry out with the customer’s own mobile phone. The credit top-up service gives GoMobile a strong competitive advantage in the pre-paid market. We are constantly developing GoMobile services in collaboration with our partners to proactively

meet customer needs and the iiSi top-up service is one finest example of this development approach", says Business Manager Kalle Koffert from AinaCom Oy.

”Credit top-up payments are incredibly easy and convenient to authorize through iSMS messaging linked securely to a bank card.  Top-up can be charged from any debit, credit or Visa Electron account”, says Key Account Manager Risto Hassinen from Luottokunta.

For further information contact:

Kalle Koffert, Business Manager, AinaCom Oy, tel. +358 75 755 2130

Sanna Paaso, Director, Mobile marketing, BookIT Finland Oy, tel. +358 40 900 0020

Risto Hassinen, Key Account Manager, Luottokunta, tel. +358 50 357 2943

BookIT Ltd is a software and services company delivering business process improvements through interactive two-way text messaging technology and easy-to-use mobile applications and services since 2000.

Luottokunta is Finland’s leading card payment service company that develops and provides efficient card payment solutions for banking as well as merchant and corporate customers.

Aina Group specialises in consumer and business communication solutions in two business areas: media and ICT. Media related operations are conducted through Hämeen Sanomat Ltd and its subsidiaries, and AinaCom Ltd delivers ICT solutions.

March 12, 2012